Sušice called "Gate of Šumava" is also a gateway to the world of unlimited cycling possibilities. The area at the foot of the Bohemian Forest offers an amazing network of nature trails and newly built mountain bike trails. Plus a lot of possibilities for gravel bikes and road bikes.

Sušice is known for the ENDURO X RACE in the biker community, so the ambitious BIKE X ZONE project was created here, whose main goal is to make this place a favorite destination for all enthusiastic cyclists.

The Otava river Valley and the surrounding hills were inhabited by Celtic tribes in the past. The Celtic hillfort was known on the summit of Sedlo and positive energy is still felt here.

From this point, from the top of the 902m high saddle, our most challenging and beautiful trails lead.

Trail EPONA bearing the name of the Celtic Knight Goddess and two other Enduro X Trails, which are known from the Enduro x race as one of the toughest racing trails in the country.

The other two ROCKY trails I and II lead from Rocky Hill near Rok. The last trail MORRIGAN proudly evoking the name of the Celtic goddess of war is the final amazing experience on the route from Saddle to Sušice. The total length of the trail is 10 km, the flow trail length is 6 km.

From study to realization, our flow trails have come together with an experienced team of professionals and  experts.

Trail construction works were carried out in difficult rocky terrain, but despite all the difficulty, beautiful trails in beautiful nature were created. We believe you will really enjoy driving on our trails.

The town of Sušice and its surroundings, in addition to bike trails, offers all the infrastructure, including hotels, restaurants, shops, bike services and other sports facilities.

You can use the indoor swimming pool, wellness, fitness, climbing wall, summer swimming pool, skate park, rope park and asphalt 6 km long cycle road along the  Otava river suitable for families with children and for inline skating.




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